Sunday, January 6, 2008

Preparing to leave for New Orleans again!

We're all losing our minds on Sunday, January 6th, trying to pack everything that we need to sustain ourselves for the rest of the month in New Orleans. We usually have the great luxury of throwing all of our gear in a trailer and letting the Verrips brothers drive it across the country for us. This year, though, they wisely decided to fly (and will arrive in New Orleans tonight to facilitate the advance work on our living space). Thus, we have the new challenge of trying to pack everything we need into bags that can be checked at the airport. It's been tricky, but we think we will make it. Special thanks to Matt Pelascini for the long hours he spent packing for the group after the semester was long over!

We'd like to go ahead and introduce our teams for this year, so please click on the YouTube links below to meet our crew! Special thanks here to Bryan Navarro for posting our videos and to Rob Limon, Rita Pearson, Alex Stillings, and Devon Perez for their help in preparing them!


The Elevaters:

Team Team:

Chicas and the Man:

The Souljas: